The Civil Societies’ Capacity Enhancement Programme

The civil societies capacity enhancement programme has been instrumental in building the capacity of Pastoralists Civil Society Organizations, Beach Management Units (BMUs), the Water Resource Users Associations (WRUAs), Small Holder Farmers as well as Environmental Groups on organizational governance (organization development), policy and policy making, advocacy and conflict management.

The programme seeks to increase community organizing by building voices and legitimate representation by promoting the development of credible, legitimate and empowered community organizations able to articulate the constituents’ concerns to policy and decision makers. Policy advocacy sometimes requires the mobilization of masses to drive the message home. Only strong and legitimate organizations are able to do this. It for this reason that RECONCILE focuses on strengthening of the organizations as a way of building voices.

The focus of this programme is thus organizational development (improving institutional governance). The programme uses Institutional Governance Learning Group (IGLG) and other methodologies to deliver on building the organization of the groups and community organizations. However, it also trains on understanding policy and policy making processes, undertaking evidence based policy influencing.

Programme such as Reinforcement of Pastoral Civil Societies in East Africa and Sustainable and Resilient Pastoralism are implemented under this programme.

Initiatives Include: