Support ASAL stakeholder forum to promote effective engagement of communities in development of pro-steward policies

This is a two years (2016-2018) project financed through Christensen Fund to purposefully support securing of communal tenure rights of pastoralists in northern Kenya through community mobilization and capacity building in order to enhance community participation in land registration as required by recently enacted law on community land.

Objective: To deliver knowledge, tools, and capacity to secure pastoralist livelihoods and lifestyles through participation in governance and development decision making at County and national levels.

Specific objectives

  1. Strengthen County and National participation structures (Asal Stakeholders Forums (ASFs)) for the promotion of pastoral lifestyles and livelihoods.
  2. Document agreed upon land and natural resource management traditional knowledge to inform the registration of community land in the pastoralists’ counties.

This project targets to reach out to and empower pastoralist communities in Isiolo and Marsabit County through the following activities: County level ASAL Stakeholders Forum meetings, national dialogue meetings, development and dissemination of community land registration toolkit, and development of publications on pastoralist traditional knowledge and resource governance practices.