Nakuru County Natural Resource Forum (NACNAREF)

It is a public-based Forum platform of civil-society organisations,individuals,research institutions ,universities,private sector and public institutions  established to facilitate coordinated interventions by members on natural resource governance in the County. The forum appreciates the importance of of natural resource in driving development  and wealth creation in the society  and submits that the society  or community needs to be effectively  structured as collective entities  to ensure that their efforts  in natural resource management  are coordinated  and synergized  to realize development  and wealth creation. In  Nakuru County, there are many organizations  and groups working on the  environment  and natural  resource arena.

However, for the county to maximally  benefit from the experiences ,resources and expertise of these organizations , a framework for engagement must be established . Equally, for the civil society to engage meaningfully with the County processes, they must be organized in a collective  representative  entity so as to consolidate voice and amplify  the invisible voices.  It is for this  reason  that the Forum  was established  following a County  rapid assessment by East African Wild Life Society(EAWLS) which revealed an absence of a public-driven platform where governance  of natural resources in the county could be discussed.

The forum was established in February 2012. Currently, it is hosted at RECONCILE which also provides Secretariat support. To date , the forum has enlisted the participation of over 30 organizations from the expansive Nakuru County. As the Forum  grows, it is envisaged to develop into  a public mouthpiece  for Nakuru County  on issues of natural resources  in the devolved  government. It is imperative  to note  that the Forum is facilitative  and purposes to provide a platform  for policy and decision makers,practitioners,researchers and community members and representatives to meaningfully engage each other  towards the development  and implementation of sound policies and laws,frameworks for sustainable  natural resource management and development.

Goal-To be a model Forum where natural resource issues are addressed for socio-economic development of Nakuru County.

Vision– To have a natural resource base managed in a sustainable  way for improved livelihood of the current and future generations.

Mission– To promote active public participation in management  of natural resources for socio-economic development of Nakuru County.

Objectives of NACNAREF

  • To network and collaborate with stakeholders in promoting sustainable Management of natural resources in  Nakuru County
  • To enhance the capacity of forum members for effective advocacy,networking and alliance building for sound natural resource management and development
  • To actively participate in formulation, implementation and review of laws and regulations affecting Nakuru County natural resource development
  • To promote activities and initiatives that enhance  production and access to profitable  markets  while increasing county revenues  and improving livelihoods
  • To support  and strengthen  fellow members in addressing areas of interest that positively contribute to sustainable  natural resource development
  • To promote information sharing and exchange including lesson learning  on natural resource development  within forum members and the public
  • to advocate and promote transparency and accountable governance of natural resource base within Nakuru County.