Rangelands Initiative Programme- Africa Component

Rangelands Initiative programme is a creation of International Land Coalition in bid to promote rangelands tenure security through enhanced understanding of rangelands, rangelands resources and users. This programme is hosted and coordinated globally by ILRI, and regionally (African component) by RECONCILE. Rangelands Initiative contributes to the larger goal of ILC under Commitment Based Initiative No 3; the Diverse Tenure Systems. Rangelands initiative supports development, influence and implementation of policies and legislations that promote rangelands sustainable use. This is informed by the fact that, for long there have been policy gaps as far as management of rangelands is concerned hence exposure of these lands and resources therein to grabbing by government and private investors.

The programme established a long-term goal; increased tenure security of local rangeland users through improved implementation of enabling policy and legislation. Three objectives were set to facilitate the realization of this goal in three years 2017 June to 2019.

  1. To develop and strengthen collaborative and supporting partnerships with a common vision of improving the tenure security of rangeland users.
  2. To identify, develop and/or scale-up innovative initiatives, which can assist governments and other actors in implementing enabling policy and legislation for securing tenure rights of local rangeland users.
  3. To share experiences and lessons learned with and between different actors, in order to further influence the securing of rangeland resources for local users.

Main activities so far have been; policy influencing, support and facilitating the sub-regional hubs in East, Central and West Africa, learning and knowledge sharing, research and documentation and resource mobilization towards flagship projects for the sub-regions.


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