Rangelands Advocacy and Policy Programme (RELAP)

The Rangelands, Advocacy and Policy Program seeks to make rangelands tenure secure through a process that builds on knowledge and experience sharing, innovative interventions, research and documentation of best practices that contribute to effective and sustainable use of the rangelands. Through this programme, a platform to engage with different stakeholders including the CSOs, Government, development partners and the communities in developing, piloting and implementing policies and laws to secure the rangelands and other natural resources.

The programme goal is to work with the government and other stakeholders through a process that will bring change and facilitate sustainable development of the rangelands.

Under this programme, RECONCILE is working with International Land Coalition Members in Africa to implement Rangelands Initiative Programme. The Rangelands Initiative is a programme facilitating learning and providing technical support to ILC members, partners, government and other actors who are working to make rangelands more tenure secure. The Rangelands Initiative supports ILC members and partners including government to influence and develop enabling policy and legislation, and/or implement policies and legislations in a manner that better support productive and sustainable rangeland use. This can be achieved through jointly identifying solutions based on innovation and good practice.