Land Sector Non State Actors(LSNSA)

Land Sector Non State Actors is a network of civil society organizations engaged on land governance, professional bodies working on land matters, private sector and the academia interested in and actively making contribution to land administration and management in the country. The consortium is a networking facility which brings the members together to engage with the governments, communities, development partners, citizens and other relevant stakeholders on key priority land issues including formulation and implementation of policies and laws, development of relevant rules and regulations and key pillars to enhancing land reforms in the country. LSNSA is Chaired by Kenya Land Alliance and is convened by RECONCILE. It has a steering committee of six organizations (Haki Jamii, KHRC, Kituo Cha Sheria, Pamoja Trust, Action Aid, KWCA and GROOTS) that work closely to ensure that network delivers on its goals and objectives.

Land Sector Non State Actors (LSNSA) has continued to play a leading role in connecting and mobilizing the land sector actors to influence land governance in the country. Since 2010, LSNSA have led substantive discourse on the formulation and implementation of land laws and engaged with the processes of developing rules and regulations for the land laws. There have also been strategic collaborative meetings between the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning, National Land Commission and LSNSA members. These meetings have added impetus to land reforms in the country, given direction and guidance and resolved some of the contested issues in the land reform processes in the country. The robust discussions on the formulation and implementation of Community Land Act is a good example of what can be achieved through collective efforts as presented  and championed by LSNSA.

Publications include:

Kenya National Engagement Strategy