Land Advocacy Program

Resource Conflict Institute (RECONCILE) has been implementing a 9 month Land Advocacy Program (LAP) funded by Act! in 2016. The project seek to promote land governance by facilitating processes aimed at addressing proper land use and planning, conflict resolution and strengthening capacities for effective land governance. This is a land governance programme addressing the promotion of recognition and registration of land rights for vulnerable, marginalized and poor community groups like women, widows and widowers, youths, indigenous communities and pastoralists. The ongoing land and natural resource sector reforms are critical in the realization of secure tenure for resource dependent communities.

The overall project goal was to strengthen effective stakeholders’ engagement with land processes and reforms in Kenya.

Project objectives;

  1. Land sector reforms accelerated, land laws operationalized, and amended in conformity with the Constitution by 2016. This with specific reference to the Community land bill 2015 and the county spatial plan guidelines. Activities included, Strategic lobby meetings with relevant parliamentarians(Department on land, coastal parliamentary group and pastoralists parliamentary group) and relevant stakeholders’ for instance the NLC and LSNSAs
  2. Knowledge on land sector among community, State Actors and NSA enhanced by 2016. This was piloted in 2 counties of Samburu and Laikipia. Stakeholder mapping was done, followed by training for chiefs and assistant chiefs in Samburu county and monitoring and evaluation exercises to determine the objectives impact.

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