Conflict, Natural Resource and Development Programme (CONARD)

Conflict, Natural Resource and Development Programme (CONARD) is designed to reconcile the competing imperatives between development and sustainable environmental management through the promotion of policies, laws and institutional processes that protect and enhance good governance and sustainable conflict management. The relationship between people and resources are mediated by laws and policies. The development of the people, the freedoms they enjoy and the opportunities they have is therefore a function of policy and legislation processes, which are majorly dictated by political agenda. The framework for the conservation, exploitation and sharing of benefits and costs from natural resources and other environmental goods and services is equally influenced by political governance.

It is therefore imperative to organize citizens and citizen groups, particularly those who derive their livelihoods directly from environmental resources to be able to engage with policy and legislative processes. This will give them power and voice in determining the framework for management, exploitation and sharing of benefits from environment/natural resources. RECONCILE believes that it is important to explore the nexus between environment (natural resource), development and conflict. As interests grow in extractive industry and other investments in natural resources in the country, natural resource based conflicts are bound to increase thus the need to explore the development of frameworks and policy environment that will appropriately respond to the demand sustainable development and natural resource management in the country and the region.

Key focus for the programme under this programme are:

  • Development of strong and vibrant citizens’ platforms at county and national levels to engage in policy and legislation processes, budget preparation, promote collaborative natural resource management and conflict sensitive investments/developments.
    – In this respect, RECONCILE is supporting the county governments to develop citizens’ participation laws as directed by Devolved Governments Act.
  • Development of tools, guidelines and frameworks for undertaking conflict free and community friendly investments or developments in multi-user natural resources and minerals to inform policies and laws at the county and national levels. The programme is also promoting the piloting of these tools, guidelines and frameworks to use the lessons learnt to inform policy processes.
  • Development and piloting of conflict management and resolution tools and frameworks to guide stakeholders interactions and relationships in the management, use and conservation of natural resources with multiple and diverse users and interested stakeholders.
  • Building capacity of individuals and citizen groups for effective engagement/participation in governance processes (influencing policy, legislation, institutional and decision making processes)
  • Develop, publish and disseminate relevant policy, legislation and environmental/natural resource management information to groups, communities, and other relevant stakeholders.

Initiatives Include: