Land Advocacy Programme (LAP)

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The Land Advocacy Programme (LAP) is a land governance initiative supported by ACT! and is implemented in Samburu and Laikipia Counties respectively. The program recognizes the ongoing land reforms and seeks to build on the gains made so far. It seeks to strengthen effective stakeholders’ engagement with the land reform processes in Kenya. This is meant to enhance the recognition and registration of land rights for vulnerable, marginalized and poor community groups like women, widows and widowers, youths, indigenous communities and pastoralists.


  • Land sector reforms accelerated, land laws operationalized, and amended in conformity with the Constitution.
  • Knowledge on land sector among community, State Actors and NSA enhanced.

This project seeks to bridge the following gaps:

  • Absence of Community Land Law.
  • Lack of a comprehensive framework for land use.
  • Lack of a comprehensive framework on the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).
  • Poor and weak structures for the implementation of land reforms.
  • Inadequate knowledge and capacities on land and land policy reforms.

Methodology on addressing the identified gaps

  • Facilitate the Community Land Law development processes by ensuring multi-stakeholders consensus building dialogue.
  • Mobilize support for policy provisions from legislators and decision makers through targeted round table and breakfast meetings and,
  • Facilitate CSOs participation in the Community Land Law development processes through regular convening of CSOs forums and information sharing.