Sustainable and Resilient Pastoralism


Pastoralism as a livelihood and lifestyle is challenged by the concept of private property. Conventional private property regimes seek to allocate individual rights to land, traditionally over a fixed and well-defined area. As the demand for land increases in the country, the arid and semi-arid lands have become an attraction, but with a huge challenge to pastoralists who have continued to lose their land and the associated natural resources because the communal land tenure has not yet been fully defined and procedures for securing it developed.

Overall Objective
To deliver knowledge, tools, and capacity to secure pastoralist livelihoods and lifestyles through participation in governance and development decision making at County and national levels.

Specific Objectives
a) Strengthen County and National participation structures (Asal Stakeholders Forums (ASFs) for the promotion of pastoral lifestyles and livelihoods.
b) Document agreed upon land and natural resource management traditional knowledge to inform the registration of community land in the pastoralists’ counties.

Activities of the Project

  • ASF County meetings in Isiolo and Marsabit Counties
  • Development of community land registration toolkit
  • National Dialogue Meetings
  • Development of publications