Sustainable and Resilient Pastoralism in Isiolo and Marsabit

PastoralismKenya’s ASALs are exposed to multiple competing interests: large scale land acquisition for export-oriented farming, mineral and oil extraction activities, forestry, and tourism all compete with local livelihood strategies like pastoralism. This competition requires pro stewards' legal, policy and institutional framework to secure their livelihoods and landscape. This project therefore, aims to deliver knowledge, tools, and capacity to secure pastoralist land tenures. This will improve livelihoods through participation in governance and development aspects of decision making at County and national levels.slide show2

Despite policy and legislative improvements, approaches for practical recordings remain unclear: knowledge on how to record pastoralist tenures in a manner that enables movement across counties is almost non-existent, and with the frequent conflicts in pastoral areas, it is important that pastoral communities are mobilized to dialogue amongst themselves, with their leaders locally and nationally as well as at regional and international spaces. These kinds of dialogues require stable facilitating structures to drive them as key decisions with profound impacts on bio-cultural and development are often taken and legislated for enforcement.