Rangelands Initiative Programme

The Global Rangelands Initiative is a programme facilitating learning and providing technical support to government and other actors who are working to make rangelands more tenure secure. In Africa the Rangelands Initiative is led by a small coordination and technical unit made-up of ILC members; RECONCILE (in Kenya) and ILRI (in Ethiopia). The Rangelands Initiative further, provides support to develop or influence policy formulation and implementation. This in turn ensures a productive and sustainable rangeland use through jointly identifying solutions based on innovation and practice.The stakeholders can largely benefit from the rich experience, technical knowledge and innovativeness of the ILC members and partners working across the world on rangeland issues.Rangeland Photo

The Rangelands Initiative therefore, facilitates and supports these actors to share experiences, and encourages them to develop effective solutions. The initiative thus identify, consolidate, document and facilitates the sharing of good practice and experiences. While assisting actors to adapt and adopt good practice through innovation, piloting, writing of guidelines or other tools, up-scaling of interventions that are known to work is done.



  • To develop and strengthen partnerships with a common vision of improving the tenure security of rangeland users.
  • To identify, develop and/or scale-up innovative initiatives, which can assist governments and other actors in implementing enabling policy and legislation for securing tenure rights of local rangeland users.
  • To share experiences and lessons learned with other actors, in order to enhance support in policy and legislation development.


To improve the tenure security of local rangelands users through improved implementation of the enabling policy and legislation.