Complexity stagnates workable growth

It is so unfortunate that Kenya keeps on jumping from one strategy or policy or law to another without internalizing and implementing the current concept to the later. With regards to planning and setting pace to sustainable development, Kenya has had the Millennium terms goals to the Sustainable Development Goals which have in turn resulted…

Jesicca Siimoyiblogs

Progress towards recognizing indigenous land rights

Indigenous communities solely rely on land and natural resources for their livelihoods and cultural practices. In the past, indigenous communities have faced challenges as their rights to land and natural resources have been undermined.  This has in turn led to the communities experiencing conflict, displacement and destruction of their ecosystem. Formulation of appropriate regulations on…

Irene Musundiblogs

Legal Loopholes in Securing Communal Land Ownership

State powers to identify public land that may not be allocated to communities. Despite such lands having been occupied and used by such communities, Subject to Sec. 12(b, e) Land Act, categories of land falling within forests and wildlife reserves, mangroves and wetlands and natural cultural, and historical features of exceptional national value falling within…